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Tara is a southern transplant living in a quiet corner of New Jersey. People think of New Jersey as the armpit of the nation. But, believe it or not, black bears, deer, gorgeous hawks and other fantastic wildlife manage to sneak by her three dogs at least once or twice a week.

If she's lucky, she actually takes a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature before tackling the task of mother to her two teenagers and wife to her husband (who she considers to be her third child).

Occasionally, the family hikes the Appalachian Trail near their home. The outdoors can be a great inspiration for the illusive muse inside of everyone.

When asked what she does for a living. . . "I'm a romance novelist trapped in the body of an MRI technologist."


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Texan's Silky Seduction

"Up your game or get off the stage."

Colton Lee is in trouble. If he doesn't figure out a way to make his show more exciting, his nights as a stripper are numbered. When he spots an advertisement from the new dance studio in town offering aerial silks classes, he knows this is just what his act needs.

Melisa Raychel has made the move from Broadway to Compass, Texas, for a fresh start. The egotistical bad boy who shows up requesting silks lessons isn't at all what she had in mind. Melisa quickly learns the muscled mechanic is light on his feet and Colton tangos his way into her bed. The sex is mind-blowing and Melisa starts to see another side of Colton, until she learns he may be keeping secrets.