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"How are you feeling?"

Elsye licked her lips and did her best to sound calm. "Better. Thank you."

It was all the words she could form before her focus landed on his lips. Soft. Sensual. Lips. Images of him placing his lips to hers, then to her neck and lower to her breasts made her pulse increase and her nipples hard.

"Glad to hear it. Your pulse and breathing seem a bit rapid though, so I'd like you to try and relax while I examine your knee. It may be the reason you're experiencing this type of reaction. Pain can cause a body to do some odd things that normally wouldn't happen." He laid the cloth on the couch arm.

Before she could stop him, he squatted beside the couch and eased the sweatpants up her leg. His fingers brushed her skin, sending hot sparks to her core. Instant fireball. Elsye froze in place, hoping against hope that she could control this rapid decline in her defenses. Now was neither the place nor the time to lose her self-control.

But she couldn't pull her eyes away from those strong hands as they made their way to her knee. His gentle caresses to her swollen and bruised flesh made her want him even more. Though he touched her, he didn't hurt her nor did he add to the already existing pain of her injury.

"It doesn't appear to be as bad as I thought it might be. You've got a contusion and some swelling, but I don't think it's much worse than that. Can you bend it?" When his eyes met hers, Elsye was lost. It was as if she stared into a dark green sexual abyss. Desire threatened to rule her.

"It isn't anything a good dose of chocolate and se" Elsye nearly bit her tongue to halt the word sex from slipping out. The sound of her voice had turned extremely husky with need to the point she barely recognized it. She cleared her throat and forced her tone to as normal a pitch as possible. "Rest, I meant to say rest could cure it."

Confusion showed in his features as he spoke. "I understand how resting your leg could help. But chocolate?"

She struggled to think straight and keep her rising lust in check at the same time. She went with the most logical explanation that popped into her head and hoped it didn't seem too stupid of an answer. "Chocolate. According to men, isn't that what cures most ailments for women?" She cocked her head sideways and added, "A bad day equals a dose of chocolate. PMS. Another dose of chocolate."

Everett laughed. "I never thought of chocolate as a medicinal cure."

She liked his laugh, though it weakened her restraint. Unable to stop, Elsye leaned forward, clasping the lapel of his lab coat in both hands. "Well, maybe you should. You'd be surprised what it can do."

Though she'd tried desperately not to touch him, she'd failed. Her hands acted on their own accord and her mouth followed suit. She kissed him. His eyes widened with surprise as she deepened the connection. Soft gravitated into hard as her tongue found its way into his mouth. Even though he resisted at first, she wasn't discouraged. It was only a matter of seconds before he reciprocated. His taste mixed with the flavor of chocolate lingered on her tongue.

His hands gripped her elbows ever so slightly and tugged without actually trying very hard to succeed in pulling her hands free. It was as if he liked being kissed, but something blocked him from totally enjoying it. She sensed his inner turmoil.

It tore at her to pull her lips from his, when she wanted nothing more than to strip his clothes off and show him the ecstasy of sex and chocolate combined.

He leaned back. His actions seemed automatic to her as he touched her brow with one hand. The other hand cupped her cheek. His eyes narrowed and stared into her gaze as if looking for a lost objet. Breathlessly, he stated in a rushed, graveled tone, "You must have hit your head, otherwise I don't think you'd be acting like this. I think you've gotten one of the strangest cases of a concussion I've ever seen."

She laughed then stopped suddenly at the sight of something in his eyes that slapped her to her senses. He actually thought she'd hit her head and did some sort of damage to her brain. Maybe it was for the best to let him think that. At least it could be her excuse for tasting his lips.

Umm. He tasted phenomenal. She wanted more than a sample of him. She wanted his cock and she wanted it now. Elsye physically shook from head to toe, vying for control over the raging beast behind the wheel of her sex drive. She had to get out of here before it won and she did more than just kiss him.

"I'm sorry, Doc," she whispered as she stared into his caring, yet confused gaze. "Thank you for your help. But I'm fine." She stood and pressed her fingers to his lips for a second. "I'm not sorry for the kiss though. That was the only part of this morning I've enjoyed."